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Hello gorgeous!

Would you like a more beautiful, happier and healthier life & business? Cool, I want that for you too! Drawing on my own personal experience and business background, I can help you attain lasting personal & professional growth.

Coaching, marketing, and graphic design services are my specialties. Through my unique evolution coaching system, I help you evolve to become the best version of yourself in both your personal and professional life. I understand that a business is only as good as the entrepreneur who runs
it. That’s why I help clients just like you achieve balance in their personal lives and also make lasting changes in their businesses. I can also revolutionize your marketing strategy for positive business growth, or transform your visual design to deliver memorable messages to your clients.


Contact me to find out how you can achieve the personal and professional results you deserve!
Working with me, you will attain more peace in your life, achieve better business outcomes and find your life’s direction and purpose. Imagine how good you’d feel with your body & mind in balance. Would you like better
relationships with yourself and those you care about? What about measurable business results? I will help you find calmness amidst the chaos.
In a society where there is so much pressure to succeed and “keep up with the Joneses”, we can sometimes lose sight of what’s really important to us. Maybe you need to recover from burn out, are struggling with tough life or

business decisions, or would like to bring your company mission in line with your personal values, I am here to help you! I have been there too. Together we can work it out, and make your life and business better through my
creative guidance for a positive change.

Multiple ways of working

What are you looking for?
Don't hesitate to contact me for more information of one or all of the services below.


Coaching evolution

Purpose personal & business coaching for a balanced objective

I help you to find your answers, but I won't answer them for you. Because everything you need to know about your business or life is already inside of you. Sometimes we just don't know how to get there.

By looking at all aspects of your life/business, mind mapping, making moodboards and let go of all social frameworks you will find the right direction.

Marketing revolution

Purpose marketing strategy development for a positive growth

Helping you to grow your business by clearify your position (in which market do I want to be active), proposition (what do I have to offer) and business model (how do I organize commercial processes).

The full package also offers a brand book with the tone of voice (how do I interact with my clients) and visual identity  (how will I stand out between my competitors).

Visual transformation

Purpose visual design for an effective message

When we know why and how you exactly want to run your business, life, product or service, I can make it visual as well. Making websites, wedding cards, logo's, white papers, magazines, etc. Anything is possible. From creating a new style to making products that are in line with your corporate identity.

My products always have an amazing look & feel, but they are also functional in order to send the right message.

What customers are saying

Experience it yourself

Janneke Schmidt is a creative marketeer, with the unique ability to operate on both strategic and tactical levels. Her sense of finding a bigger purpose is admirable and makes her a joy to work with. She will challenge the status quo and provide structure, intelligent solutions and powerful ways to reach set targets.

I cannot recommend working with Janneke enough. Her work product is so beautiful and she is more than a pleasure to work with. Janneke offered her service, from concept to final design, for free to help a local out and give back to the community. She really maked a difference to improve the business in a competitive market. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Janneke again.

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