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Purpose Driven Marketing - 3/4 Design Brand Rituals

Bijgewerkt op: 7 okt. 2021

Rituals are part of our history, but the most important ritual is probably storytelling. The spirit of stories can still be felt in social constructs, beliefs, contradictions / wars and inter-country conflict. Rituals are also important on a personal level: they are noticeable forms of expression that make our choice for a brand or a partner tangible.

Viewed from a branding perspective, it is important to differentiate with rituals and give your brand message stature. So you should ask yourself how you want to address your target audience? Is a male or female voice/energy needed and is a distant or an intimate approach required? By properly dissecting your brand identity you can emphasize the choices you have made on a strategic level (such as proposition and positioning) and give them strength. If for instance you want to make your promise (mission) recognizable based on your insights (vision), then it is important to talk with one voice. One coherent inner voice. This does not mean that a brand is equal to one person or that doubt is not permitted. A brand that leads or makes the market is constantly reinventing and adapting itself. Finding an easier path on the way to the mountain top, because you never know what you will find on your journey. As long as this is a conscious process and connects with your purpose, this is a growth path. A voice is accompanied by a consistent visual identity, that makes a good idea into a brand.

It is therefore important to establish a visual identity. This makes you recognizable and stand out. It is often a matter of getting rid of others and putting your head above ground level. Adorn yourself with distinctive attributes and color, go against the grain and set a new standard. Use the input of your branding strategy and purpose here. Your appearance needs to reinforce your identity rather than distract from it. This is a delicate balance that not much brands find, but once found you connect consciously and unconsciously with customers and your brand grows to increase your brand awareness. By also influencing the unconscious level the connection with your customers is established here. The tone of voice and visual identity are merely means to an end to make this process easier. The most important thing is to continue to do this consistently and thus guarantee brand consistency.

This is also an important part of personal leadership. It can be a good idea to change your identity and use a totally different color palette. As an entrepreneur or leader, ask yourself whether this is obviously without content, because then you will give up your unique exceptional position in the market and you will no longer be recognizable. Perseverance and consistency are more important leadership skills that take branding to a next level. It is the ritual that brings your brand and customers together. In the end they do not come for ostentation, but to hear your story and reach the top of the mountain.

By facilitating the four steps for you, based on your purpose, together we can make a difference for your brand. Do you want to know more? Then contact me and we will ensure that your purpose leads to authenticity with promising results followed.

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