My journey

From the outside, my childhood was perfect. I grew up in a very loving family, had a good education and spent my childhood in a nice and safe environment. I was surrounded by lovely friends, played hockey, took piano lessons, went to fun parties and lived in a stable home with a beautiful view close to Amsterdam. But I would like you to take a look at the inside as well.
When I was little, I was a bit shy and insecure. I lived my life based on other people’s expectations and ignored my desires, dreams and ambitions as the years passed by. Always trying to do good, but never sought a way to be happy, healthy and confident just for me.
Around the age of 20, I felt my body let me down. I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an auto-immune and chronic inflammatory disease, which causes a lot of pain in my SI joint and lower back. This made my life more challenging physically and mentally. 


Instead of searching for natural solutions and making positive changes, I closed my eyes by ignoring the underlying problems. The medicines became ineffective and I was so frustrated that I was constantly tired and in pain. Enough was enough. That’s when I decided to make the first change. I discovered that alcohol and mostly gluten and dairy were making a huge difference in the level of inflammation. So I removed those from my diet and my body instantly started to make amazing changes. Without the feeling of being on a diet, I lost over 15 kilos of body weight!

However, I was still stubborn, not in touch with my feelings and trying to prove that I can work long hours every day while still having an active social life. Even though my body was sending me tons of signals that I was not doing well, I was in denial, sticking to the same old patterns and thought that people with burn-out were wimps or lazy.
Besides feeling so extremely tired I felt very, very dizzy. So dizzy to the point I could not stand or sit anymore. Yes, I ended up in a burn-out myself! I had out-of-body experiences and lost touch with my soul. This period brought me to such a dark place. From that low point, I realized that to be happy and feel healthy and energized, I needed to make some serious changes.
I broke my chains, listened to my inner self and started to change. My energy started flowing again. I’ve changed toxic patterns and choose to be ‘out there’, so to speak. I’ve overcome my hardships and I am stronger than ever. I choose to live my own life and doing the things I love to do. Free of expectations.
I found my passion and learned more lessons that I have learned my entire life. Helping others to make similar changes means the world to me.

My Strategy - mission

I love helping others bring back peace into their lives and businesses. I help them find their life’s purpose and direction, bringing body & mind in balance and calmness in the chaos. Making the world a better place by evolving (business) coaching to determine a balanced objective, revolutionizing marketing for positive growth, and delivering an effective message by transforming visual design.
We are all responsible for our happiness. However, not everybody is lucky enough to grow up in a safe and fortunate environment where they have sufficient access to so much knowledge and opportunity. Therefore, we should help each other, in personal or business matters, to create a better future for all. This is why I always strive to be part of this positive change!

My Reason - vision 

In everything I do, I try to enjoy, be present and aware. I love sharing my knowledge with other people, so we could inspire and empower each other. I want a better, happier and healthier life for everyone. Life offers so many beautiful opportunities, and we could all use a little help to see and act on them.
Being able to include this gift into my work and share everything I know, makes me feel blessed. I will always look at all possibilities with a positive perspective. Putting love and effort in my work, is what makes my coaching, marketing, and graphic design services outstanding.
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