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Article purpose

I am in Bali Indonesia, working as a real digital nomad. I can’t believe I just said that about myself! I officially started my business which includes everything I love, because it is a combination of the following:

  • Coaching -> Helping people and businesses find their balanced objective

  • Marketing, -> Creating a marketing strategy to develop a positive growth

  • Visual design. -> Designing aesthetic and effective products in order to help people or businesses to send the right message

It is my first week here and I am trying to find my balance in life again, which is challenging (and yet very liberating!) since I am on my own and suddenly have lots of time. But today it is Saturday and I promised myself to fully relax. So I tried doing that by treating myself on a 1,5 hour relaxing massage. There I was laying and getting rubbed with nice oils. However, the relaxing part was harder than I thought, because I felt like I had to do more. Whether it is working more, socializing more or relaxing more, it is all about that obligated feeling which we create ourselves. By relaxing my body, my creative mind starts to bubble. And all kinds of cool ideas starts to pop-up.

When I turned around I knew what I wanted to share in my first article. Of course, that must be the purpose of my articles. What can you find here and what is the added value for you. What else can be a more suiting theme for my first article.

My life and business purpose is to inspire other people, share my knowledge and life experiences. I will do this among others by writing and sharing inspirational articles with concrete tips. By making this personal, I hope I could inspire other people. Inspire to make the right choices which brings you closer to happiness and/or a successful business.

If you find the purpose of the message you want to share (for instance blog or article), you know what to share and the words come up more easily. It will be more clear what and how to communicate. So my first tip is:

‘Find your purpose’

If you don’t know how, it is important to rely on the foundation of your company. To your mission and vision. The bigger ‘why’ behind your business. If you still need to find your life/business purposes than contact me and I can help you out!

If you know the purpose of your content, sharing will be more easy and natural. And if not, stay calm, relax and it will come to you. Just like it happened to me, book a massage and everything will clarify.

Good luck finding your article purpose!

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1 commentaire

Nancy Atmo
06 mai 2019

Good for you, you have found your purpose. Nice article.

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