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Purpose Driven Marketing - 4/4 Deliver Brand Proof

Bijgewerkt op: 7 okt. 2021

We switch back to the mountain metaphor (the target), we have set the goal, determined a strategy and agreed on attributes and rituals. Now it comes down to implementation. Can you also deliver on what you promise?

This is an important part of branding, because you can still have such a strong vision, exceptional value proposition and beautiful visual style, but if you cannot provide proof as a brand (and as a person) on the losing side. If you can deliver, you create relevance for the target audience, because you promise what you deliver. Is this not possible for any reason? Come clean, try to fix it and propose alternatives. That makes you as a person a lot more powerful if you acknowledge mistakes. By learning from them, you prevent future surprises and dissatisfaction.

In addition to the recognizability where you have worked on in earlier stages, you now provide evidence and therefore relevance because you deliver a promise. Nowadays this is often forgotten. Do you mean what you say, do you dare to stand for your position and defend it and can you deliver when required? This evidence is essential to the emotional connection between your customers and your brand, because brand consistency and relevancy results in authenticity. People put their trust in you, because you fill in core needs and do not disappoint. Should there be unexpected If something goes wrong, the open communication and connection will make them forgive you. Brand trust and believe is thus realized. This has many positive results on a personal level, because through trust you can grow, and you develop into your own true self. At a business level, there are many KPIs thus are influenced by brand trust because customers are more loyal to you. The retention results are good and customer satisfaction is increasing. Acquisition is accelerating too; your brand excels through social proof by the power of word of mouth. Current customers share their experiences in communions and recommend your products and services. New customers rely much more on this evidence than on beautifully designed landing pages with funky USPs. This discipline of social design is not practiced enough or insufficiently within brand management, marketers still do not enter into conversation but continue to send out mass communication.

By facilitating the four steps for you based on your purpose, we can make a difference together with a complete range of coaching, marketing and design services. This can be on a personal level and business wise or a combination of both. Do you want to know more? Then contact me and we will ensure that your purpose leads to authenticity with promising results followed.

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