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Purpose Driven Marketing - 1/4 Determine Brand Target

Bijgewerkt op: 7 okt. 2021

The first step to an emotional connection with your customers and to achieve brand authenticity is determining a brand target.

If you are a self employed entrepreneur or business owner, it is important to take initiative and be the first mover. To outdo the competition and to lead in innovative developments. You can only be a leader and show leadership if you oversee the bigger picture and take a clear position, set a clear target. Dream the impossible and reach for the moon!  Ask yourself where you are going, what do you want to achieve and what do you see as the ultimate goal. See it as a mountain top where you want to place the flag of your brand if you like. This is a key part of human consciousness. It is not only relevant for a business, but also for your private life, your working life and even in larger constructs it affects society as a whole. Leadership requires a belief in a higher purpose, where everything and everyone is working on.

The purpose should the next step. This must be able to provide fulfilment and exaltation. It is not aimed at self-interest and the pursuit of profit, but is related to people and society. This goal can be completely different, for example Gravity Water, the goal is to improve water supply to help eliminate the world of disease and misery, they explain it as follows:

“Water pollution enters water systems from on-land sources through runoff after rain events, infiltration through the soil, and through poor management or human-related waste. The primary cause of waterborne illness and death occurs when drinking water becomes contaminated by human fecal waste (sewage), which happens predominantly when inadequate waste management systems exist and / or when there is a lack of multi-tiered water treatment facilities. Gravity Water combines rainwater harvesting, storage, and filtration, providing communities in developing countries with a localized source of safe drinking water that is self-sustaining and 100% energy-free.”

Defining the brand target of your business is a radical and lengthy process. Sometimes a goal can present itself, such as the target of Gravity Water. Generally, it's an intensive marketing process that needs completion: you have to explore and analyze the market and determine your position in the market relative to your competitor.But also define how large your unique character is. Segmentation is applied based on your positioning, and you choose your target audience of your brand. Here you are already claiming your connecting skills as a leader. The connecting ability is important here, because leadership also means that you can transfer a message, you connect and can take care of your audience. You can address your target audience in various ways, like a good story and conviction, or by creating an experience which provoke in escapism or trigger active participation. Either way, you will need to initiate activation. The emotional connection with the target audience has not yet been established. You have only set a clear target. In other words: the realisation that you are at the bottom of a mountain and that you have to take a climb to reach the top. You see the possibilities in business terms, you see opportunities for growth, untapped potential and room for development. You take the first step.

I can help you to change this through a complete range of business coaching by facilitating the four steps for you based on your purpose, we can make a difference together. This can be on a personal level and business wise or a combination of both. Do you want to know more? Then contact me and we will ensure that your purpose leads to authenticity with promising results.

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